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To the brand-new mom with tired, tear-stained eyes, I see you. To the dad who feels like all the responsibilities you carry are about to engulf you, I feel that too. To the woman who is holding it all together at work and at home, I see the weight on your shoulders.

In a country that glamorizes over-working and restlessness, it is easy to get caught in the trap that if you give more of yourself you will become more fulfilled. You will be happy. But what if I told you, that true fulfillment, true happiness, true healing, and true freedom, that doesn’t happen until you look in the mirror?

You won’t find it in that promotion you’ve worked years for, and you won’t find it in your spouse or your kids. It starts with you. When you start loving yourself.

Sounds easy enough, right? Love yourself. Well for most of us, prioritizing self-care and self-love isn’t something that comes naturally. We’ve been taught by society that being pushed to our limits is a good thing. That sacrificing ourselves, our time, and our health will bring happiness and fulfillment.

Sometimes it takes a major life event or shift to alter our perspective. Some people spend their whole lives chasing that white rabbit, only to come up empty-handed and miserable at the end. Don’t be one of those people.

Self-care and self-love are the first steps to finding that inner peace and calm you’re searching for. Here are three helpful ways to implement self-care into your daily routine.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries. Learning how to set them can be one of the most uncomfortable but transformative things you do. Those of us who struggle with implementing self-care also tend to be people pleasing perfectionists.

Boundaries have to do with what you as a person can handle emotionally, mentally, and physically at that given time. They also require a level of vulnerability that can feel uncomfortable. It means saying “no” to others and “yes” to yourself.

Once you can set boundaries, you allow yourself the opportunity to implement self-care into your life and routine.

Be Still

Have you ever finally gotten that time-off or finally gone on that vacation, only to find you can’t turn your mind off and enjoy it? You can’t truly be still. That’s because the concept of ‘being still’ isn’t something that should only happen once a year. It’s something you should practice every day.

When you allow yourself time to just sit and be with yourself, that is when transformative healing takes place. It looks different for everyone. It could be going for a walk, gardening, or one of our favorites taking a bath.

The end of the day is a great time to start practicing being still. Taking thirty minutes for yourself to wind down, take a bath, and breathe can be the start of implementing self-care practice.

That’s why we recommend our lavender foot scrub. Lavender is well-known for its relaxing and healing properties. This scrub also contains dead sea salt which is renowned for its ability to renew skin and increase blood circulation.

Embrace Yourself

Once you take time to ‘be’ you can start to embrace you. Which means discovering who you truly are, your intentions, and your purpose.

Learning to love and care for yourself requires you to embrace yourself and embracing yourself isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Our vision or other people’s visions of who we are might not match up with who we really are. That can be painful but healing when we finally break free into our true selves.

The inner peace and calm you seek doesn’t come when your circumstances change, or all the stars align perfectly. It starts with you and starts when you choose self-care and self-love!

We would love to be a part of your healing and self-care journey! Here are some great products to help get you started.

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