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Hello + Welcome To My Blog!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog! I am Toshina Wiggins, the owner of RENEW Body Care and author of The Journey to RENEW blog.

I am extremely excited about the launch of The Journey to Renew Blog as it coincides with the re-brand and upcoming re-launch of our all-natural body care line RENEW Body Care (formerly Indulgence Body Care by Toshina).

The Journey to RENEW is the blog for RENEW Body Care LLC, an e-commerce business providing pure and all-natural body care products for individuals seeking to treat their skin to an all-natural alternative.

While RENEW Body Care speaks to the journey of rediscovering the beauty of nature and all of its benefits for all-natural body care, The Journey to Renew, speaks to the beauty of rediscovering who you are at your core and all that you were created to be. For me, personally, it is about picking up the pieces and making sense of life after it throws you a curveball. This journey speaks to my personal story of rediscovery, the process of being renewed, and finally regaining my footing to be everything that God created me to be.

How Did I Get Here …

The word “renew” really resonated with me last year (2021) after experiencing a miscarriage that took me by complete surprise. My heart was filled with so much pain and grief from the loss, that it left me speechless and most often in a whirlwind of emotions. However, it wasn’t until the point at which I shifted my focus from the pain of the loss to the purpose in the pain that I was able to move forward and experience the process of emotional healing.

What is so interesting, is that a few weeks prior to my miscarriage, I remember waking up one morning with blogging on my mind and heart. I had never thought about blogging before, and although I have always enjoyed writing in my journal, it never occurred to me to start a blog. I mean, what would I write about? What content would I share? And, how would I even get started? These are all the questions that came to mind. Additionally, I am not one who openly shares a lot of personal information so, how would blogging ever work for me?

As a result, I pushed it to the very back of the shelf and did not think about it until a few months ago when the idea re-visited me again. Now, here I am today, feeling empowered to share my journey of being renewed mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward to …

  • I will share with you my passion and love for aromatherapy and all-natural body care products.

  • I will share information about different body care products we sell and the benefits of specific ingredients we use.

  • I am a fan favorite of self-care and pampering myself. I will share my favorite self-care tips and ideas to be more intentional about taking better care of yourself.

  • I will keep you informed of any upcoming sales and events.

  • I will also share personal moments about my journey to renew.

As you can see, the information that will be shared will be viewpoints from my personal experiences. I welcome you to respond and add any relevant comments, thoughts, and suggestions respectfully. Remember, this is a public forum, so please do not provide private or confidential information. Also, please do not use this space for customer support or customer service questions. I will moderate all comments and remove (or not publish) any comments that are offensive or not relevant.

With Gratitude & Appreciation … Thank You!

Lastly, thank you all so much for reading my first blog. I am beyond grateful for each of you stopping by and hope you will continue to join me throughout this journey. I encourage you to visit RENEW Body Care website and learn more about us and what we offer. Also, please consider subscribing and joining our e-mail newsletter to be notified of any new posts. If there are any specific topics or ideas you would like to see here, feel free to leave me a personal note.

I am excited about connecting with each of you!

Again, many thanks, my friends!


P.S. This blog post is dedicated to my sweet little angel, Brevyn Artur-Sharod Wiggins.

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Tashika Tucker
Tashika Tucker
Aug 02, 2022

Awesome and amazing products! I love the blog!

Aug 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, sis! I appreciate you! 😘

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